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Running a Schedule with Radio-SkyPipe

You do not have to be at your computer to run a limited time observation with R-SP. Use the Run Schedule button to set up and initiate an observation between selected times.  For example, you may want to record a  predicted even at 3:00 AM which will last for about an hour. To do so:

Stop any observations in progress.

Click File/ Run Schedule menu option.

If in Server Mode, you will be asked if want to make the observation Public.

Enter the beginning time and date in the date/time  input box. 

Enter the ending time and date in the date/time next input box. 

The program will begin watching for the assigned beginning time. When it occurs, the program will begin running in whatever mode it is set. After the ending time has passed, the observation will cease and the chart will be retained.

Note: In versions prior to 1.2.8, schedules are started and ended using the computer clock local time even if you are using the Log Using Universal Time option. Starting with version 1.2.8 the schedule will be started depending on your logging option, including LMST.

In Server and Client Modes, connection to the internet is assumed.  If you have scripted dial-up networking installed, the computer will attempt to connect to the internet via your modem provided you have all of the settings in Connection Options appropriately made.

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