Using Radio-SkyPipe in Stand Alone Mode

You do not have to be connected to the internet to use R-SP. In Stand Alone Mode the system simply collects data and allows you to save it to your hard drive for later recall or editing.

Stand Alone Mode is the default Mode in which the program begins. You may also go to this mode when operating in either Client or Server Mode by selecting Mode/ Stand Alone from the menu at the top.

Operation is very simple once you have configured the program properly.  To begin recording data just press the Start button. To end the observation press the Stop button.  Whether or not you will be prompted to immediately save the data will depend on how you have set up your Logging Options.  A row of positioning and sizing buttons can be found to the right of the Start button. These are best used when the data collection process has been ended but may be used on-the-fly also. Using these buttons turns off your Auto-Scaling feature but it can be reactivated by pushing the A button.

See Editing for an explanation of the Full View and Save View  and Toolbar buttons.

See Running a Schedule for an explanation of the Run Schedule Button.

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