Performance Tuning Radio-SkyPipe

Speed performance may be improved by:

Do Not Update the Chart on Each Sample
Using the option to update the chart every X seconds in Client and especially in Server/StandAlone modes. The less often you update the chart, the more time will be available for measuring or receiving the data stream. When an update does occur, all of your data will be shown. No data is lost by using this option and indeed more samples may be collected.

Limit the Number of Clients you Serve 
Allow only as many people to receive your stripchart stream as can be handled while maintaining the sampling rate you desire. If the actual sample rate achieved is less than you need, reduce the Maximum Clients parameter in Connection Options.

Use the ADC Instead of a Sound Card
You can probably achieve better performance by using an ADC.

Do Not Run Other Programs While Using Radio-SkyPipe
As much as possible, limit the other programs running simultaneously with R-SP. Some programs really hog CPU time and others will freeze out R-SP so that samples may be missed.

Disable Real-Time Disk Backups
Of course, you risk losing data in a computer crash, but there may be some performance gain.

Make Sure You Have Enough Memory
If you are collecting very large data files you will get better performance with more memory. If you see the computer accessing your hard drive often, suspect this as a problem.

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