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You may assign up to 200 name = value field pairs to be included in your file headers.  These fields can be anything you want, for example, an observer might want to include the ambient temperature for all observations. The observer could create a field pair and assign its name as "Temperature". In the corresponding value the observer could place the value of the temperature for the appropriate time. 

Presently this addition of the value portion of the pair is a manual process, however, future editions of R-SP may have ways to add this data automatically.

To set up meta-data fields for your observations go to Option / Identity and click the Meta-data button. The following screen will appear:

Buttons are available for loading and saving meta-data files. To add, remove, or edit a meta-data field pair use the corresponding buttons at the bottom. A field must be selected by clicking on it in the name column to make it available for editing or deletion. The columns labeled Default and Source are for future use and should be ignored for now.

Notice the Disable Metadata checkbox.  If selected, meta-data will not be included in your file header. This gives you a quick way to turn off meta-data inclusions when they are not appropriate for a particular observation.

You may edit the meta-data that is already present in file via the same route you would edit other header parameters, that is, the Data File Info panel accessible from the main screen menu as View / Data File Info.  A View/Edit Meta-data button has been added to that panel.

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