Simple Mods to Make the ADCMAX circuit compatible with Radio-SkyPipe

The ADCMAX circuit was developed several years ago  as a starting point for amateur scientists who wanted to log multi-channel analog data inexpensively. If you have already built the circuit, you can make some simple modifications which will allow you to use it with Radio-SkyPipe software. If you have not built this circuit and you want to build your own ADC, start on the Build Your Own page...not with the old ADCMAX circuit.

Change three wires locations on the DB25 connector to make the
circuit compatible:

Move the wire going to pin 2 to pin 14.
Move the wire going pin 4 to pin 2.
Move the wire going to pin 12 to pin 15

The polarity switch used on the ADCMAX circuit must be set permanently to
the Single Polar position or you can just remove the switch and
ground pin 9 of the MAX186 chip.

That's it!

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