Radio-Sky Sonification Tools

I have been working with the NASA sponsored Radio Jove Project in an effort to produce tools to help people with limited eyesight work with radio astronomy.  The preliminary tools produced by these efforts are available below for users who would like to experiment with them.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Below is a link to a document describing the work I have been doing regarding year one of our Radio Jove accessibility project.  After reading (or at least referring to) the document you will understand the nature of the three software packages that have been produced.  These programs have had minimal testing and I expect numerous bugs. Installation issues might be a real problem as the Speech and DirectX engines are something I have not dealt with in my past installations. I try to test with the monitor turned off.  A little of this and one certainly appreciates some of the issues facing visually impaired computer users.

 As these programs use some support files from Radio-SkyPipe, you must have Radio-SkyPipe installed on the computer before downloading these new programs.  If you do not have Radio-SkyPipe installed then please visit  and download/install Radio-SkyPipe.

You may download the new software at the URLs below:

Document describing software tools. 2006_DDF_Update.pdf

Radio Jupiter Speech Edition -
SkyPipe Sonified File Reviewer -
Spectrograph to Wav file Converter -

Many Thanks,
Jim Sky