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Server Mode Connectivity Test

To test to see if others can connect to you start a chart in server mode then go to:

File / Server Mode Connectivity Test / Test Server Connection

Open the Session Log and go to the end. You are looking for CONNECTION PASSES. A typical test session looks like this:

19:46:32 Checking Availability of Test Server.
19:46:32 The Test Server is Reachable by Web Browser.
19:46:32 Checking Test Application Operation.
19:46:32 Test Server Working.
19:46:32 Test Socket Connected.
19:46:32  Connected to Test App.
19:46:32  Using Local Port :  1819
19:46:32 Accepted by Com Test Server.
19:46:52  Connection Request Rcvd
19:46:52  Client  1 is Com Test
19:46:52  Added Client  1
Used Port:  6500
19:46:52  Close Rcvd from Client # 1
19:46:52 Test Socket Disconnected.

The test relies on the availability of a special test server so if you see that the test server is not reachable the test cannot be run at that time.


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