Radio-SkyPipe Help

Salvage Function

Occasionally, data files can become corrupted in the process of saving them, during computer crashes, or as a result of inadvertently changing the computer clock during an observation.  This should not happen often, but when it does, you can sometimes salvage at least a portion of the file using the Analyze / Salvage utility. 

This utility can be brought up in Stand Alone Mode by selection File \ Salvage from the main menu. The utility will come up automatically if the program encounters a Time Index Out of Bounds error during the loading of a data file. This error occurs when the program sees a data sample with a time stamp that is out of sequence. The strip chart cannot handle these situations and one must find a way to expunge the offending sample(s).

The Analyze \ Salvage utility can search through a file without loading it into a strip chart. It will list occurrences and the sample numbers of out of sequence samples, and will also detect large gaps between sampling times.  The beginning and ending samples are also noted in the list.

Once you have a file analyzed, it is up to you to select what looks like a viable segment if the file. You must pick Start and Stop sample numbers and then press the Attempt to Load File Segment in SkyPipe button.  This will do just what it says. If the segment loads correctly then use the Save View button in SkyPipe to save the good portion of the data file.

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