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Linksys Router Configuration for Radio-SkyPipe

Before you begin configuring the router, make sure you have Radio-SkyPipe configured properly to support the router interface. 

Check your router documentation (available from the website.

On to the router......

Most routers are configured through a web browser interface. Start your web browser and go to the URL listed in your documentation to do this ( probably ). You probably had to do some work with this interface to set up your router for your cable or DSL connection.  Login using the proper password.  You shouldn't have to use a user name.

Click on the Advanced Tab of the configuration utility.  Then select Forwarding ( this might be called something similar like Port Forwarding on the tab).  You should be presented with a screen similar to the one below

In the Customized Application field put SkyPipe. In the Ext. Port range fields put a number range of  40 starting at your Local Server Port number that Radio-SkyPipe is configured to use (6300 in this example)..  The top of the range will be 8 more than the bottom Client Port you configured in Radio-SkyPipe on the Advanced Client Connection Options.  In our example, this number was 6332 so we add 8 and get 6340 for our upper range of ports to open in the router.

Select Protocol TCP as shown above.

Enter your Local IP address for the computer you are configuring for as shown above.  In our case, the local LAN address was

Select the Enable Box.

Select Apply.

Restart Radio-SkyPipe and give it a try. 

Still not working?
Make sure you have turned off or configured any firewalls you may be using. Windows Xp comes with a built in firewall. 


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