Radio-SkyPipe Help

Special Keystroke Features

ALT+Channel Number - Gets recent average of data for the channel. Use the number keys across the top of the keyboard to create a beep and blip on the chart if you are collecting data throught the sound card. To avoid the beep, turn on the Numlock and use ALT plus the channel number (1-8) on the keypad.

ALT+ Fkey corresponding to the channel number. This begins displaying in text format the data for the channel number in a space on the chart as the data arrives. Use Escape to make this go away.

CTRL+V Opens a new review Window (Pro Edition)

CTRL+L Opens the Observer Log (Pro Edition)

CTRL+O Toggles the display of the graphical controls.

CTRL+S Opens the Session Log.

CTRL+T Opens the Chat Window.

CTRL+W Opens a new Client Window.

CTRL+R Restores the XY defaults.

Shift+F4 Displays the Local IP Address you are using.

Shift+F5 Redisplays the last Message Manager message received in the Status Bar.

F11 Stores the XY coordinates of a chart.   

F12 Sets the chart to show the coordinates saved with F11. The chart must not be scrolling.


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