Radio-SkyPipe Help

Using the Find Utility

 (Pro Edition Only)

The Find Utility will search a folder and all of its sub-folders for a Radio-SkyPipe data file (*.spd) which contains data for a specific event time.

The utility is accessed from the main menu in Stand Alone mode only. Go to File / Find. When the Find Utility opens, enter the date and time in the appropriate boxes at the top. Note the order for the date is YYYY/MM/DD. Press the Browse Path button if you want to go to another directory or enter the path to the directory manually (directories = folders).  The Load File when Found  check box will cause the file to be loaded into the Stand Alone chart.  The View Centered on Event with this Width checkbox in conjunction with a seconds text box finds the event on the chart and displays it centered (if possible) on the event with a chart width of the indicated number of seconds.

The Find Next button appears if there are more files to search and may be pressed to continue the search.

Special Note: Data files obtained while in Client Mode before the 1.1.x releases sometimes did not contain all of the header information needed by the Find Utility and may not be found.  You can fix these files simply by loading them in Stand Alone Mode and saving them gain.

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