<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">

<title>Test SkyPipe FTP Utility</title>
<META HTTP-EQUIV="no-cache">

// put the date at the top of the page (optional)
var UTCstring;
Today = new Date();
UTCstring = Today.toUTCString();

document.write (UTCstring);
//call the routine every 30 seconds 
var n = new Date(<!RS_EXPJDATE>);
var nUTCstring;
nUTCstring = n.toUTCString();
document.write ("<br>Next Chart at "+ nUTCstring);

function Time()
// T is the UTC time of the computer clock.
var T=new Date();
// d is the time being passed by SkyPipeFTP via the <!RS_EXPJDATE> tag
// it is the estimated UTC time when new charts will be available.
var d= new Date(<!RS_EXPJDATE>);
// timediff is a variable specifying the difference between these times
var timediff=d-T;
// If the difference is negative force a page reload
if (timediff<0) {


<h1>Recent Strip Charts</h1>

The most recent chart: <br>
Starts <!RS_CSTART> UT<br>
Ends <!RS_CEND> UT<br>

Total observation: <br>
Starts <!RS_FVSTART> UT<br>
Ends <!RS_FVEND> UT<br>

<br>Jim Sky