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FTP Image Save

(Pro Edition Only)

The FTP Image Save utility automatically saves chart images at specific times. These images are intended for upload to a website using the SkyPipe FTP Upload Manager or some other program.  A view of the current chart and an optional Full View image of the observation may be saved. 

FTP Image Save is made visible from the Tools menu item on the main chart screen. 

Save intervals are determined by the Save Images Every ... Minutes drop down list. Intervals are available for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 60 minute increments. These saves are tied to the computer clock, so for example, if an interval of 20 minutes is selected a save will occur at 0, 20, and 40 minutes of every hour.

An optional Full View Image of the entire observation may also be saved. The Save Full View Image Every ... Saves box determines how often this occurs. If the value is set to 0, then no Full View image is saved. Setting the value to 1 means that every time the chart image is saved to disk, a Full View image is also saved. Setting the value to 2, for example, forces a Full View save every other time. Note: If you use Small Memory Mode, the Full View Image is not available for automatic FTP to a website.

Check boxes determine if the FTP image utility is started automatically when an observation begins in Stand Alone or Server Mode, and whether or not the SkyPipe FTP Upload Manager is automatically started.

Activate and De-Activate Automatic Image Save and FTP with the large button across the top of the panel.

You may also force image saves at any time with the Save Images Now button. 

To insure that the selected settings will be remembered the next time Radio-SkyPipe is started, press the Save Settings button.

The Hide button hides the FTP Image Save utility panel, but keeps it operating in the background. To make it reappear again do so from the Tools menu Item on the main chart screen.

Small Memory Mode Restriction  If you use FTP Image Save when in small memory mode, you will not be allowed to save Full View Images.


Additional Notes for Web Programmers:

The following information may be of value to you if you want to use these images without using the SkyPipe FTP Manager program.

The images saved by this utility appear in the install directory of the Radio-SkyPipe program.

The files are in the Extended Windows Metafile format (extension emf ) and are overwritten each time the files are saved. The default names for the current and full view images are "ftpchart.emf" and "ftpchartFV.emf" respectively. You may change these file names only by modifying the registry settings:

"SkyPipe1"/ "Settings"/ "FTPImageFile"


"SkyPipe1"/ "Settings"/ "FTPImageFileFV"

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