Export Chart to Text File


Use this function to export the data from a Radio-SkyPipe data file to a text based  delimited file which can then be imported into a spreadsheet or database. The format for the exported file is:

Date    (Delimiter Character)    Time    (Delimiter Character)    Raw Data Value    (Carriage Return)

Select Data and time format options from the drop-down lists at the lower left and the delimiter character from the drop-down list at the op of the panel.

You may save header info together with the data or as a separate file. Use the Header drop-down list to select the option you want. The Header Includes area gives you the option to select what header information (including user defined meta-data) you want to appear in your exported file. You may format the data and/or date and time values to a user defined format. Click here for instructions on custom formatting of these values.

Import and Export to XML File 

Uses the XML format of the iocomp strip chart control. This might be a possible launching point for further XML development.

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