Electronics Parts Suppliers

Below we have listed some of our favorite electronic parts suppliers.  We cannot guarantee any particular level of service from these companies, and supply this list only as a convenience to our visitors.

Amidon Associates  - Toroidal cores.

Digikey - Broad selection of parts, fast service.

Circuit Specialist Inc. - Good parts selection, test equipment, kits.

Downeast Microwave - Microwave components and kits for amateurs.

Electronix Express - Parts and kits.

RadioShack.com - The internet version of the omnipresent store.

Analog Devices - Now selling their parts to individuals over the internet.

Maxim Integrated Circuits - Lots of data on their great ICs.

Minicircuits - Often used RF parts, MMICs, mixers, etc.

FAR Circuits - Circuit boards for many projects.

Dan's Small Parts and Kits - Low tech site, but nice parts selection.

Mouser Electronics - Lots of parts; been around for years.

RF Parts Company - Specializing in guess what.

Debco Electronics - Sometimes has some good bargains.

The Electronic Goldmine - many unique surplus parts. I order from them often.