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Telescope Connection Files


Beginning with version 1.3.9 telescope connection files are no longer used.  Telescope connection information is now incorporated in the telescope definition file.  This help page is for those who have not updated to version 1.3.9 and above.


Use the telescope connection editor in Radio Eyes to create connection files (extension "tci" for telescope connection info) for telescopes. The connection definition tells Radio Eyes how to connect to the Telescope Connection Point Program over the network and what password to use. The link to the Connection file editor is found under Telescope /Define Telescope Connection. The following dialog box will appear:


You can load and modify an existing telescope connection file or create a new one. If the Telescope Control Point Program (TCPP)  is on the same PC as Radio Eyes you can check the Run Local Control Point box to start the TCPP automatically. Telescope connection files are saved in the \Telescopes\ subdirectory under Radio Eyes. They use a tci extension. The format follows with comments in green:

RADIO EYES TELESCOPE CONNECTION FILE    First line must read this way.
Name = DEFAULTTELESCOPE    Name of the telescope definition that will be loaded by the TCCP.
RUN = 1    If set to 1 this will make Radio Eyes start the TCCP locally in the Radio Eyes directory.
IP =   The IP address that the TCCP is listening on.
Port = 5566    The port number that the TCCP is listening on.
PW = ADMIN   The password that the TCCP expects to receive from Radio Eyes before allowing commands.

Read about using telescope connection files (tci) here.

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