Telescope Connection File

Telescope connection files (extension "tci"  which stands for telescope connection information) contain information used by Radio Eyes to establish a communication link with a telescope via a Telescope Control Point Program (TCPP). The Radio Eyes user may want to be able to control more than one telescope and these files provide a means for selecting a particular device. Telescope connection files are stored in the Telescope subdirectory of the Radio Eyes. To load a telescope connection file select Telescope / Telescope: from the main menu at the top of the program.

A File Open dialog box will allow you to select your telescope. A sample telescope connection file is shown below with comments appearing in green:

RADIO EYES TELESCOPE CONNECTION FILE    First line must read this way.
Name = DEFAULTTELESCOPE    Name of the telescope definition that will be loaded by the TCCP.
RUN = 1    If set to 1 this will make Radio Eyes start the TCCP locally in the Radio Eyes directory.
IP =   The IP address that the TCCP is listening on.
Port = 5566    The port number that the TCCP is listening on.
PW = ADMIN   The password that the TCCP expects to receive from Radio Eyes before allowing commands.

Simply put, this tells file tells Radio Eyes how to connect to the control point and what telescope the control point should be directing (as indicated by the Name variable).  The TCCP will load the Telescope Definition File called "DefaultTelescope.tdf" in the example above.

Read about creating and editing Telescope Connection Files here.


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