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PstRotator Driver for Radio Eyes

PstRotator is a program created by Codrut Gabriel, YO3DMU. The program acts as an interface between a large number of tracking programs (including Radio Eyes) and common antenna rotators. The Radio Eyes PstRotator Driver can greatly simplify the challenge of addressing a variety of rotator hardware. PstRotator is a commercial program but costs only 15 Euros.

To use Radio Eyes with PstRotator there are two options. In one option, PstRotator simply monitors the desired antenna position boxes in RE and attempts to move the antenna when this changes. While this is a simple way to use the programs together, the method bypasses the safeguards and utility of guiding an antenna via the Telescope Control Point Program. To use PstRotator with the TCPP you must select

Radio Eyes CP under the Tracker menu item in PstRotator.

In the telescope definition file (TDF) you should specify PstRotatorDriver.exe as your driver. The telescope definition creator/editor might appear as shown below.

No Device INI parameters are required for this driver however the following parameters could be used if the need arises:

All Device INI parameters should be separated by the pipe symbol | .

You may download the PstRotatorDriver.exe here. Place this file in your Radio Eyes 1\TelescopeDrivers directory.

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