ASCOM Driver Interface for Radio Eyes

The ASCOM initiative is a project to produce a standardized computer interface to optical telescopes and certain accessories.. An ASCOM standard has resulted from the work of several individuals and now there are numerous conforming drivers for popular computer controlled optical telescopes. While not particularly well suited to radio astronomy, there is no reason not to use a subset of the ASCOM standard when controlling radiotelescopes. In fact, if you create a driver for your radiotelescope to the ASCOM standard you should be able to use a number of different planetarium type programs to send commands to your device.  Also you should be able to test Radio Eyes with an ASCOM compliant driver for any optical telescope. The following methods and properties are currently being implemented by the Radio Eyes ASCOM driver interface.


Abortslew (Stop Moving)





Alignmentmode (read-only)

Altitude (Elevation read-only)

Azimuth (read-only)

CanSlewAltAzAsync  (read-only)

CanPark (read-only)

CanUnPark (read-only)





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