This is a partial kit for the MAX 186 based 8 channel analog to digital converter used by Radio-SkyPipe data collection and streaming software.  The completed ADC attaches to the parallel port of the computer.  Each channel can record a voltage input of 0 to 4.095 volts at 12 bit resolution (1 mV). The kit includes:

The kit does not include, power source (a small 9 to 12V  DC wall transformer will do), cabinet, connectors for computer or voltages sources, or power switch. Price of the partial kit is $44.95.


Completed MAX 186 ADC

This is a completed version of the MAX 186 ADC Kit described above. The unit is supplied in small metal cabinet with DB25 connector for the LPT connection and RCA connectors for each of the 8 input channels. An external 9 to 12 V is required. Price of the completed unit is $114.95