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Radio Astronomy Projects and Radio Astronomy Teacher's Notebook  will soon be out of print and will then be available only as e-books.  2/17/2015

Radio Astronomy Projects 3rd Edition by William Lonc 

Professor Lonc has again updated and expanded his how to book of radio astronomy experimentation. This is a book for beginners and experienced amateur radio astronomers and teachers. Classic principles are explained in clear non-mathematical language. Most of the projects are from off-the-shelf and surplus items in the VHF through microwave range. Click here to see a table of contents.  292 pages. 6"x9" paperback.

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Radio Astronomy Teacher's Notebook

3rd Revised Edition. Written as a resource for teachers wishing to incorporate radio astronomy into the classroom. Complete plans are included for a 38 MHz interferometer and a 1.4 GHz telescope which uses a one meter horn that you can construct from Celotex double foiled foam board. Includes chapters on solar studies, Jupiter observations, equipment and system design and much more. To see a complete table of contents for the Radio Astronomy Teacher's Notebook click here. 1991/2007. 160 pages.  New Reduced Price!
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Radio Astronomy 2nd Edition
by John Kraus

The premier textbook for radio astronomy. No serious amateur (and certainly no professional) radio astronomer should be without this technical introduction to all of the major aspects of radio astronomy. This book contains every major fundamental formula used in radio astronomy. Covers receivers, antennas, surveys, pulsars, and much more.
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This book now includes the newly released "Solutions Manual" that shows worked solutions to the problems in John Kraus's own handwriting!


Big Ear Two: Listening to Other Worlds.
by John Kraus

.This is the updated and expanded version of Kraus's fascinating professional history and the story of the Big Ear radiotelescope in Ohio. The book takes you from his early days as an inventive amateur radio operator, through his scientific efforts during the war years, and into the present and his thoughts on SETI and gravity waves. Read the story behind the famous "WOW" signal! This is an inspirational book as well as a popular look at the science of radio astronomy. 378 pp.
$18.95 Hardcover
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